For Unaccompanied SATB Chorus

Chorus Unaccompanied SATB chorus
Duration: 24’

A complete recording of Eulogies was released on October 6, 2009. It is available by contacting the Da Camera Singers at

Programme Notes

  1. Raymond
  2. Mrs. Deegan
  3. Not an Eye on the Island
  4. Ella


Anyone who has ever seen Raymond in action… bartering for flowers, cooking for twenty, flirting with waiters, or doing his upgrade dance for the travel agent. Anyone who has been warmed by his kitchen, cooled by his garden, seduced by his music, or calmed by his gentle spirit, has been touched, and changed, by one of life's kindest, quirkiest characters.

Mrs. Deegan

In mourning her, I am also mourning the loss of my last link with womanhood as it was defined in my youth. Many things from her day-to-day life are now trivialized, or found demeaning. I cannot rewrite history, nor will I negate an important part of her existence. She was an intelligent woman with many opinions and passions. She accepted her role and its responsibilities. And, I loved her.

Not an Eye on the Island

Ted was in love with life. In love with love, with music, with adventure and beauty — in the smoky bistros of 1930s Berlin, at those rollicking Hornby Island thrashers, and at all the soirées in between. I often see his friends, gathered at that little bench they built for him, right on the rocks, with a view of everything and a plaque that reads, “To Ted … blithe spirit of the Spit.”

Ella Sunlight

I know a woman whose only child died at the age of four. Her grief was so complete that she could never be consoled. Her friends told me it was as if there was no one there for them to console. She had been a mother. That was how she defined herself. Then one day her child was gone… and in a sense, so was she. What could anyone say? “I know how you feel?” “I understand?”

Notes by Val Brandt

Audio Samples

Ella Sunlight


January 22, 2000

Conductor: Richard Sparks
All Saints' Anglican Cathedral
Edmonton, Alberta

Subsequent Performances

There have  been several performances of Eulogies and its various movements in Canada, US, and Europe.

February 27, 2002

Conductor: Lydia Adams
Metropolitan Church
Toronto, Ontario
September 30, 2000

Conductor: Richard Sparks
First Presbyterian Church
Edmonton, Alberta



Score/Part Rentals

For more information on the score for Eulogies, contact the Canadian Music Centre Although the score is not officially published, an arrangement can be made with the CMC that allows choirs to purchase copies of the manuscript.

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